Smoking Tricks

smoking tricks 150x150 Smoking TricksHave you looked admiringly at people blowing smoke rings at parties and secretly wondered if only you could learn how to do that? You can learn how to do this and many other easy tricks with cigarettes.

Learning to do tricks with cigarettes is a fun way to impress friends. But what if you don’t smoke? No worries, you can still do cigarette tricks without smoking.

Blowing Rings, the most common smoking trick

Learning how to blow smoke rings is one of the easiest smoking tricks to master if you know the technique. The trick becomes easier with practice. The first step is to take a nice long drag on your cigarette and hold the smoke in your mouth. Do not inhale. This is very important because you need a lot of dense smoke to be expelled from your mouth to blow the smoke rings. Later on when you have mastered the trick, you can inhale the smoke if you want to.

Now hold your breath and form an ‘O’ with your lips. The important thing here is not to pout or pucker your lips but to casually open them as if you are silently saying ‘O’. Now blow the air from the back of your throat in short bursts.

smoking tricks rings 150x150 Smoking TricksSome say that pushing the tongue forward helps to form the hole in the ring but you will find that you can still blow rings while holding the tongue down and towards the floor of your mouth helps. Also, this makes you look less ridiculous.

Needless, to say, the trick works best when the attention is on the smoke rings that come out of your mouth because it’s not a pretty sight watching your mouth form an ‘O.’ Practice it in front of a mirror to get it right before you show off at a party.

The “French Inhale” Smoking Trick

Another trick you can do while blowing smoke rings is also known as the ‘French Inhale.’ As soon as the smoke ring comes out of your mouth, inhale through your nose. Most of them watching will be impressed to see the smoke ring disappear into your nostrils.

You can do the French Inhale even without blowing smoke rings. Just blow out smoke through your mouth and inhale the smoke as soon as it leaves your mouth. Jutting out your lower lip helps when you are learning the trick.

Even if you are not a smoker, it’s handy to know a trick or two with cigarettes. Why? Knowing how to do a cigarette trick comes handy for the simple reason that someone always has a packet of cigarettes in their pockets. A magician once said that there are two things he never leaves home without, a pack of cards and a pack of cigarettes. And he neither gambled nor smoked. These were just the props for the tricks of his trade.

One trick you can do is to bend a cigarette without breaking it. However, first you will have to bend a cigarette to demonstrate that it breaks. Then take out another cigarette from the pack and ask someone to give you a Dollar bill. Roll the Dollar bill tightly around the cigarette and then bend it. Now, straighten it back and unroll the Dollar bill to show that the cigarette is unbroken. To make it interesting you can start by betting if anyone can bend a cigarette without breaking it. Then take a Dollar bill placed in the bet to do the trick. We hope you have fun with these smoking tricks.